The restaurant is the dream of three youngsters who decided to venture and create a family restaurant. It is located in the house where the owners grew up, the place is full of history and memories kept in its walls, hence the great sentimental value it represents for its creators. They decided to go in this adventure in honor of Ive Blanco, mother and aunt, who always dreamed of having a family business but the events and difficulties of life prevented her from opening it.

Now his children and nephew create this beautiful restaurant concept in honor of one of the people who taught them to persevere and fight for their dreams. So in 2018 the destination conspired to create this family project that brings together ambitions and dreams of the family. Hence his name "Casa Mia." Now Ive can enjoy with your family your dream finally come true.

  • * Fresh Octopus over a goat cheese salad, glassed pineapple, avocado, onions, sweet corn and tomato carpaccio in a mustard vinaigrette. * Cuban country pork rolls breaded with sesame seeds, with cuban tamarindo sauce and crunchy green banana.

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  • * Sauté Caribbean Lobster with black pasta, seafood homemade butter and sweet Nero di Sepia crisp. * Yearly Beef Filet in a Spanish red wine and black truffles sauce, with caramelized onions and potato pie.

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  • * Lemmon and cuban mint Mousse, with thin slices of Switzerland chocolate, caramel and dry fruits.

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    "The best, one of my favorites in Havana"

    Sara G,

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    Los mejores de todo Cuba , servicio espectacular , la comida exelente una carta de vino de todas la regiones . My personal opinion , I live in Las Vegas and I highly recommend this venue if you go to Cuba !

    Pablo Cruz,

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    If you want to taste an excellent Cuban and international cuisine, do not think more here is the right place. My family and I confirm a brilliant service in all areas. We want them, many successes.Si desean degustar de una excelente gastronomía cubana e internacional, no lo piensen más aquí es el lugar indicado. Mi familia y yo les confirmamos un brillante servico en todos los ámbitos. Los queremos, muchos éxitos.

    Marlon Peraza,